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What To Look For in E-Signature Providers

From “What To Look For In E-Signature Providers”: “ business process professionals and content and collaboration professionals should make e-signing part of their overall enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) strategy; it should be a foundational technology along with records management, eDiscovery, and other content services used across all lines of business. (see endnote 1)” “The extensiveness of mobility and tablet integration. Mobility will be a strong driver of e-signature adoption and the point of entry for many processes. Providers need to be able to capture and manage a signature process from a tablet or completely within a browser and push text and checkboxes to the device. The demo on the iPhone always looks good, but do they need to create specific apps for every device? It's better to support a device-independent solution that leverages HTML5 or another standard. Signature pads are decreasing in relevance but are still important for installed systems and rural areas.”

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