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Not All eSignatures Are Created Equally

Legal contracts are a critical part of real estate. Real estate professionals need to be sure they're providing tools to customers that protect their clients' interests as well as their own.
It's not always easy to sort out what those tools are, however. A simple search for "electronic signatures" on the App Store or Google Play will yield dozens of results. How can you know which solutions to trust and which to avoid? Knowing what questions to ask and what elements are most important in an eSignature solution is a great place to start.
From a legal standpoint, the following two items are most important:

  1. Authentication - How do you match the person with the signature?
  2. Encryption - Once a document is signed, can you demonstrate that it hasn’t been tampered with?

Report highlights include:

  • The two most important eSignature components from a legal standpoint
  • eSignature Platform Checklist
  • What Does a Trustworthy Document Look Like?

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