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Improving Trial Accrual by Engaging the Digital Healthcare Consumer

Clinical trials are unable to answer important treatment questions, often due to the inability to recruit patient participants. Recent data suggests nearly 50% of cancer clinical trials close early due to lack of accrual. Trailblazing physicians like Dr. BJ Rimel of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center show us innovative ways to use technology to help. Dr. Rimel and the Women’s Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have increased trial accrual by implementing an online registry to link participants to research studies. The online registry increased accrual by nearly 5x over the past year by digitizing and simplifying a previously cumbersome, paper-based process. 
View the on-demand webinar and learn how using e-consents and social marketing improved patient engagement and enrollment in the Research for Her online registry, helping physicians engage a broader population and advance research while saving time and reducing costs. 
Watch the session and learn how to:
  • Improve trial accrual and research results using an e-consent process
  • Leverage social media to drive patient enrollment
  • Reach the mobile, digital healthcare consumer
  • Simplify workflows and reduce costly, error prone processes
You will discover how your organization can improve enrollment with DocuSign’s consumer and mobile-friendly digital transaction management platform.
This session is geared towards CIOs, CMIOs, researchers, physicians, health IT leaders, and IRB or executive board members of hospitals and medical systems.
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