Apple solutions

From small businesses to large enterprises, DocuSign provides customers with a simple and secure digital solution to sign, send and manage your documents on your favorite iOS devices. DocuSign for iOS enables you to close deals faster, increase sales, and improve both customer and employee experiences.

DocuSign for iOS

Start sending, signing, and managing your documents with trust and confidence, wherever life takes you.

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Third party iOS apps

DocuSign’s pre-built platform seamlessly integrates with many of your favorite iOS apps.

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Custom iOS solutions

Use DocuSign’s mobile SDK and APIs to build custom solutions in your native iOS apps.

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Sign documents even when you’re offline
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Real time updates on your document’s status
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Use your iOS device to get in-person signatures
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DocuSign for iOS

Complete transactions faster on your Apple devices. Sign, send, and manage documents with trust and confidence on your favorite iOS devices. With 99.99% availability and industry-standard security practices, DocuSign—available in 43 languages for signing—allows you to make secure transactions worldwide.

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Third party iOS apps

DocuSign seamlessly integrates with some of your favorite iOS apps, so you can use DocuSign in a way that works best for you. Easily close deals and execute contracts within the Salesforce1 app, or sign and send documents directly from your Box account. Once your documents are completed, automatically save and store them in Box or Google Drive.


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Custom iOS solutions

Use DocuSign’s mobile SDK and APIs to quickly and easily embed DocuSign into your own custom iOS apps. Connect DocuSign into your existing systems, enabling you to automatically retrieve and return data.


import com.docusign.esign.api.*;
import com.docusign.esign.client.*;
import com.docusign.esign.model.*;

// Enter your DocuSign credentials
String UserName = "[EMAIL]";
String Password = "[PASSWORD]";
String IntegratorKey = "[INTEGRATOR_KEY]";

// for production environment update to ""
String BaseUrl = "";

// initialize the api client for the desired environment
ApiClient apiClient = new ApiClient();

// create JSON formatted auth header
String creds = "{\"Username\":\"" + UserName + "\",\"Password\":\"" + Password + "\",\"IntegratorKey\":\"" + IntegratorKey + "\"}";
apiClient.addDefaultHeader("X-DocuSign-Authentication", creds);

// assign api client to the Configuration object

 // login call available off the AuthenticationApi
 AuthenticationApi authApi = new AuthenticationApi();

 // login has some optional parameters we can set
 AuthenticationApi.LoginOptions loginOps = LoginOptions();
 LoginInformation loginInfo = authApi.login(loginOps);

 // note that a given user may be a member of multiple accounts
 List loginAccounts = loginInfo.getLoginAccounts();

 System.out.println("LoginInformation: " + loginAccounts);
catch (com.docusign.esign.client.ApiException ex)
 System.out.println("Exception: " + ex);

Learn more about custom iOS solutions in the DocuSign Developer Center.

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Transform your business with DocuSign and Apple


Field Sales
Field Services
Retail & In-Branch

Field sales

Empower field sales teams to gather and view customer information in the field, get contracts signed, and close deals faster—even when you’re offline.

The ultimate sales tool

A financial advisor meets a client at their home to discuss investment options. Using an iPad, the advisor shows the client the different investment strategies on a native iOS application. The client chooses an investment plan and uses DocuSign—integrated into the application—to sign the investment contract. No more paper, no more manual data entry, and no need to go back to the customer multiple times to close the deal.

Always have the right information

A salesperson in the field needs the most accurate and up-to-date client information. By integrating with CRM systems, DocuSign pulls customer data automatically, enables contract signing on the spot, and syncs back up, eliminating the need to re-key data.

Close more deals faster

Using DocuSign on iPads, Comcast’s field sales team doubled their prospect interactions and increased closing rates by 30 percent.

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Field service

Speed up service in the field and make customers happier with easy signing and consistently up-to-date information.

Everything you need for the job is at your fingertips

A field technician needs to repair a piece of equipment in a remote location. The field technician uses a custom iOS application to view customer information, manuals, and parts lists in order to provide the best possible service. Without an internet connection at the job site, the technician gets the owner to sign off on the work order using DocuSign Offline Signing on his iPad. As soon as the technician is back online, the contract automatically syncs with DocuSign.

Get approvals easily on the go

A police officer is on a late night investigation. The officer urgently needs to search a building suspected of being used for criminal activity, but requires a search warrant. The officer uses DocuSign on an iPhone to send the search warrant to a judge for signature. Even though the judge is out of the office, he can quickly execute the warrant with DocuSign. A process that would normally take hours and require the officer to leave the crime scene is completed in minutes using DocuSign for iOS.

Retail & in-branch

Interact with more customers and close deals faster, improving customer and employee experience.

Open new accounts more efficiently

A married couple wants to open a new bank account. One spouse goes to a local branch to open the account. The bank associate reviews the account features and setup process with the spouse on an iPad. The associate explains that both the spouses need to sign the account-opening contract. Even though one spouse is out of the country, the bank associate uses DocuSign on their iPad to send the contract. One spouse signs in person on the associate’s iPad while the spouse out of the country uses their iPhone to complete the contract in minutes.

Car dealers close more deals with DocuSign for iOS

After taking a customer for a test drive in a new sports car, the car dealer uses an iPad to close the deal in the car. They review the car’s features and the leasing options using an iOS app. The dealer knows that keeping customers close to the cars helps close deals. Instead of going into an office to negotiate and handle the paperwork, the client completes the paperwork and signs the contract on the dealer’s iPad with DocuSign.

Speed up customer interactions

A sales associate at a major telecom retailer uses an iPad to show information to a customer about different data plans using the retailer’s custom iOS app. Once the customer chooses a plan, the sales associate uses DocuSign, integrated with the custom app, to generate a contract based. The customer easily signs all of the paperwork in minutes, freeing up the customer’s time and allowing the sales associate to help more customers.


In Healthcare, security and compliance are critical. DocuSign for iOS lets you review and complete forms quickly, and eliminates the need to re-key data.

Doctors can devote more time with their patients

Secure signatures are necessary in many aspects of a hospital’s operations. A doctor at a large hospital signs dozens of documents each day, including medical records, prescriptions, and consent forms. The doctor uses an iPad with DocuSign to easily take care of paperwork on the go, in minutes, giving the doctor more time to spend with patients.

Don’t let paperwork be a roadblock to treatment

A child needs a critical medical procedure, but the hospital needs the parents to sign a medical consent form. Integrated with the hospital’s iOS app, a doctor uses DocuSign on iPad to get the parents to sign off immediately. Even if they’re not present, the doctor can send the consent form to the parents via DocuSign, enabling them to quickly and easily sign using an iPhone or iPad. A vital process that can take hours—if not days—is reduced to minutes.

Customer success

“DocuSign has become pervasive in our culture, enabling us to close deals in minutes instead of days. Our sales reps are more efficient, allowing them to close the loop and close the deal.”

Terry Connell
Senior Vice President, Comcast

“Docusign on the iPad and iPhone allows us to operate in the most efficient way possible, saving us our most valuable asset—time.”

Christina Stembel
Founder & CEO Farmgirl Flowers

“Time is money. Technologies like DocuSign and Salesforce work seamlessly from our iPhones and iPad minis, enabling our team to work from anywhere. The results have been fantastic! We are saving 10 minutes per envelope, or 112 minutes on average per month, for a savings of 18.65 hours per week. Taking an average salary into account, we save at least $4,000 a month with DocuSign.”

Chad Meyers
CEO, Internet Creations

“Given the sheer geographical expanse of our county, our officers often had to drive miles and miles from a crime scene just to get to a judge for a signature. Today, using DocuSign and the iPads, they can get a signature in minutes.”

Albert Tong
Information Systems Analyst, Butte County

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