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Search across all your agreements, everywhere.

DocuSign Total Search powered by Seal Software
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Find agreements faster by searching across silos.

Total Search indexes agreements anywhere in your organisation—across multiple DocuSign eSignature accounts, as well as external resources like Box, Dropbox, OpenText, and SharePoint. This lets you search the full text of all your agreements from a single access point, which means you can find agreements faster, with greater confidence.

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Search everywhere

Filter, search, and compare all your agreements across multiple DocuSign eSignature accounts, and non-DocuSign systems.
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Index scanned documents

Got scans? Total search uses optical character recognition to make them "readable."
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Find flexibly

Search with keywords, phrases, wildcards, proximity matching and more.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Total Search and Intelligent Insights powered by Seal Software?

Intelligent Insights has all of Total Search’s capabilities, plus AI concept search and recognition, data visualisation, custom extraction policies, and optional extraction packs for specialised use cases like GDPR.

What are common use cases for Total Search?

  • Procurement and sourcing
  • M&A / strategic restructuring
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Legal operations
  • Revenue optimisation and operations

With Total Search, can you search both the metadata and the full text of DocuSign envelopes?

Yes, Total Search automatically indexes the metadata and full text of DocuSign envelopes, including custom fields and the Certificate of Completion.

What does "powered by Seal Software" mean?

Total Search is a product that DocuSign sells and supports. We offer it in partnership with Seal Software, which developed and delivers the product. Seal is a leading provider of technologies for agreement search, discovery, and analytics.

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