Identify your way.

Need to identify signers beyond the standard practice of clicking an emailed link? DocuSign Identify has a spectrum of choices. Easily include a preferred ID method to streamline the eSignature process, reduce risk, and remain compliant.


Maximum choice

Choose among packaged ID methods from DocuSign and third parties, or integrate your own via API.


Simplify the workflow

Integrate signing and identification, including automated ID checks, into one connected experience.


Meet elevated ID needs

Fulfill compliance requirements for regulated and other advanced use cases.

Spotlight: DocuSign ID Verification

One of DocuSign Identify’s options, DocuSign ID Verification automatically verifies a signer’s government-issued ID or European eID on any device, for faster, easier, more secure agreements.

A split image showing a hand holding a passport on the left and on the right a phone prompting to "Tell us about your ID"

Enhance identification with the following DocuSign Identify products:

  • ID Verification for Government IDs and European eIDs

  • SMS, Access Code and Phone Authentication

  • Knowledge-Based Authentication

  • ID Checks for Advanced and Qualified Signatures

  • Custom verification


Two mobile phones, one showing instructions on how to upload your ID and the other asking for information about your ID

Why a connected signing and identification experience matters:


reason customers abandon transactions: lack of visible security*


of businesses said certainty about customer id would reduce risk*


of customers abandon a beloved brand after a bad experience**

*2018 Experian report, **2018 PwC report

DocuSign Identify FAQ

What is DocuSign Identify?

DocuSign Identify is our suite of ID verification and authentication methods.

DocuSign’s Identify solutions include:

  • DocuSign-provided identification methods:
    • ID Verification
    • SMS Authentication
    • Phone Authentication
    • Email Authentication
    • Knowledge Based Authentication
  • Partner provided identification methods:
    • ID Check for AES (powered by AriadNext)
    • ID Check in Person for QES (powered by AriadNext)
    • ID Check for Remote QES (powered by IDnow)
  • Custom identification methods:
    • The Identify Platform supports integration with your existing identity verification method such as an existing customer portal.

Please contact sales to learn more about our identification method.

What if I want to add a different identification process from what you provide?

The Identify Platform is a plug-and-play, open API framework that allows customers to configure any type of identification process into DocuSign eSignature workflows. With our open APIs, you can integrate your own custom-built solution, such as a customer portal you already have, or you can use an ID solution from a trusted third-party partner that is already integrated with DocuSign.

What types of agreements do DocuSign’s Identify solutions support?

DocuSign Identify is ideal for high-value, high-risk agreements such as:

  • Account onboarding
  • Lease and financing
  • Loans
  • Wire transfers
  • Insurance subscriptions
  • Policy eDelivery

How does DocuSign’s ID Verification product work?

DocuSign ID Verification is fully integrated with DocuSign eSignature, enabling customers to securely verify signers’ identities within DocuSign workflows.

How it works:

  1. The signer’s mobile device or computer receives an email with the agreement.
  2. Before signers can view the document, they must verify their identity by:
    1. Selecting the country where their ID was issued from a drop-down list (several ID options will be offered based on the country chosen, including driving licence, passport, ID card, online eID credentials, and Smart ID card)
    2. Scanning or uploading a photo of the ID or entering their online eID credentials
  3. DocuSign ID Verification will analyse the document and match the name on the agreement against the name on the ID.
  4. After a successful verification, the signer can view the agreement and sign as usual.

Can I purchase any Identify products as a standalone solution?

All Identify solutions are available as add-ons to a DocuSign eSignature plan. Please contact us to learn more about the best option to meet your needs.

Do any of the Identify products support eIDAS?

eIDAS governs the usage of electronic signatures across the European Union. DocuSign has EU-specific ID verification options to meet both Advanced and Qualified signature levels under eIDAS, especially when combined with our Standards Based Signatures offerings. Please contact sales to find out the best solution for you.