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Negotiate better agreements faster with DocuSign Analyzer

Bring the power of advanced contract analytics to your negotiating process. Perform fast, accurate analysis of all your inbound contracts to manage risk and boost staff productivity enterprise-wide with DocuSign Analyzer. With deep AI-based insights from DocuSign Analyzer, you’ll gain a better understanding of what you’re being asked to agree to, so you can efficiently negotiate a better agreement.

Get insights before you negotiate.

DocuSign Analyzer is a contract analytics solution designed for the pre-execution stage of your agreement process. DocuSign Analyzer is part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud and is an extension to the DocuSign Insight solution. DocuSign Analyzer integrates with DocuSign CLM and DocuSign eSignature to create a seamless workstream for the preparation, signing, and management of agreements.


Analyze legal and business risk before you sign agreements with DocuSign Analyzer.
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Get more business done, faster

Secure contract approval from business and legal leaders more efficiently.

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Reduce risk and enhance compliance

Ensure what you’re agreeing to meets business objectives and legal policies.

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Improve the negotiation experience

Enable a smoother negotiation process with your customers and partners.

Learn how DocuSign Analyzer works

Solution features

With advanced contract analytics and a robust set of features, DocuSign Analyzer makes it easy to mitigate risk and improve turnaround time when negotiating an agreement for signature.

Image of a magnifying glass showing how deeply you can analyze clauses.

AI-based clause analysis

Automated clause and term analysis for incoming agreements.
Image showing high risk which depicts risk scoring.

Risk scoring

Assigns a risk score to clauses to guide faster review of contracts.
Screenshot image of the word analyze to represent how easy one-click contract analysis can be.

One-click contract analysis

Real-time contract analysis initiated with a single click.
Screenshot image of Docusign Analyzer’s clause library

Direct access to clause library

Redline with just a click to add pre-approved language from your organization’s legal team.
Screenshot showing the steps of editor support within DocuSign CLM.

Flexible editor support

Work directly within Microsoft® Word or via DocuSign CLM Document Preview.
Screenshot image showing integration with DocuSign CLM for workflow routing.

Integrates with DocuSign CLM

Use the DocuSign CLM workflow to route work based on clause content.
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UnitedLex powers agreements with DocuSign Analyzer

“DocuSign Analyzer is a great asset that offers smarter execution of the contract process and cost-effective outcomes. UnitedLex is excited to collaborate with DocuSign on the industry’s largest deployment of AI within commercial contracting.”

Dan Hendy
EVP Corporate & Commercial Services

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Agreement negotiation is inefficient


of businesses experience delays related to contract management.*


of organizations say contracts go through 3 or 4 versions before being finalized.*


of organizations say contracts take 30+ hours to negotiate.*


of businesses experience risk from an inability to proactively detect problematic contract language.*


of businesses identify poor customer experience from inefficient agreement processes.*


lack visibility into the location and status of agreements pre-execution (and 45% post-execution).*

DocuSign Analyzer for lines of business

DocuSign Analyzer provides support for all your agreement-centric departments.


Operate with self-sufficiency, in compliance with corporate legal policies. Route riskier agreement terms only as needed for better use of valuable legal resources and faster close.


Accelerate contract review with intelligent term analysis, customized risk scorecards and direct access to primary and fallback language for instant redlining in Microsoft® Word.


Accept third-party supplier agreements with confidence, automatically identifying and negotiating high-risk clauses before they become binding obligations.

Gain deep insights into virtually any type of agreement with DocuSign Analyzer

Master Service Agreements (MSA)

Master Hosting Agreements (MHA)

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

Statements of Work (SOW)

Sales Agreements

Purchase Agreements

Licensing Agreements

Consulting Agreements

Contractual Amendments


Image of DocuSign Analyzer datasheet offering a description of the key benefits and features of contract analytics.

DocuSign Analyzer datasheet

Read this datasheet to learn more about the features and benefits of DocuSign Analyzer.
Image of DocuSign Insight datasheet for contract analytics and contract management.

DocuSign Insight datasheet

Read this datasheet to learn more about the key features and benefits of DocuSign Insight.
Image of contract analytics whitepaper

Contract Analytics

Read this whitepaper, “Contract Analytics: The Key to Unlocking Business Value Within Contracts for All Stakeholders,” to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of contract analytics.

Negotiate better agreements with DocuSign Analyzer

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