DocuSign and Xactly work together to build incentive programs for small and large businesses.

Xactly Corporation, the leading provider of cloud-based incentive compensation and sales performance management solutions, offers cloud-based software to help companies develop incentive programs as well as manage and track commissions for companies of any size. Xactly’s suite of products enables sales and finance executives to design, implement, manage, audit and optimize sales compensation management programs easily and affordably.

Xactly integrates with DocuSign to better enable and approve incentive programs that will ultimately optimize effectiveness, proactively manage risk and compliance issues as well as maximize profits. DocuSign helps Xactly automate processes that are the lifeblood of sales performance management.


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About the Partner

The core purpose of Xactly is to empower companies of all sizes to incent right. For years great business leaders have recognized that sales compensation is one of the prime motivators for a company's success. The right plans can increase profits, control expenses and drive consistent quarter-over-quarter results.

Unfortunately, due to the high costs associated with automating sales compensation, only the world's largest sales organizations have been able to realize the benefits. For the vast majority of companies the cost to acquire traditional enterprise applications is impractical. These offerings are characterized by large up-front software license and maintenance fees, costly hardware, unpredictable implementations and complex upgrades.

As a result, most companies continue to limp along, stuck in the paradigm of complex, homegrown spreadsheet-based sales compensation programs. These companies tend to either simplify or unnecessarily complicate sales compensation resulting in lost motivation, lack of understanding and individual results that may not be in concert with corporate objectives.



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