Napersoft CCM Document Platform

Napersoft’s Customer Communication Management (Napersoft CCM) solution helps improve customer service, reduce costs and increase revenue by automating the creation, distribution and execution of all types of documents such as applications, policies, agreements and other forms of personalized communication.

Napersoft CCM allows non-technical employees to create pre-approved document templates with Microsoft Word and seamlessly integrates with your business data and applications. Napersoft CCM’s configurable workflow and merge engine creates the final documents in real-time or batch according to the template design and business rules resulting in great-looking documents that can be distributed based on customer preferences including print/mail, email, fax, text message or web portal. For documents that need to be signed or authorized, Napersoft CCM integrates with DocuSign to facilitate a complete end-to-end paperless process.


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About the Partner

Since our founding in 1986, Napersoft has focused on helping businesses and organizations have success in improving their customer communications by providing Customer Communications Management (CCM) software solutions built on innovative, new technology.

Napersoft has assisted customers in a variety of industries including: insurance, health services, government, business services, finance, higher education and others.  With over 25 years in this business, we have experience with many types of documents from simple documents such as letters and correspondence to more complex documents like policies or explanation of benefits (EOBs).

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