Web-based CRM with flexible configurations and great features. LeadTrac™ is a web-based lead, client and data management solution that is ideal for businesses who need a secure, feature rich online system for importing, uploading and managing leads, campaigns, agents, appointments, agreements, electronic files, managing appointments and more.

LeadTrac™ helps businesses dramatically improve their document management and document exchange with their clients. The LeadTrac administrative account allows a business owner or manage to upload PDF enrollment agreements, retainers or other documents they exchange with clients during day to day business. LeadTrac can populate the data onto the PDF agreement fields so a user can easily generate a populated agreement and with a few clicks, sent it from LeadTrac, to a client via the LeadTrac and DocuSign technology integration. Clients receive an email and go through the DocuSign process and upon completion, the DocuSigned agreement automatically comes back into LeadTrac and the sales rep or LeadTrac user is immediately notified of a completed agreement.

Key Features

  • Lead & Client Management
  • eSign-able Document & Form Management
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Workflow Automation
  • Sophisticated yet user friendly

Got Questions?

LeadTrac Sales - Sales@nationaldatasys.com

Compatibility / Version

The API integration requires DocuSign users have a DocuSign account with the API Connect feature

About the partner

National Data Systems consists of a team of business and technology professionals who develop, sell and support various web-based technology solutions that help small and medium sized businesses more efficiently manage leads, clients, sales pipelines, affiliates, reports, electronic documents, business processes and more. Our flexible technology platform supports LeadTrac, FlexNote and ServiceTrac.

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