ELO for DocuSign Signature Appliance by Future Solutions

ELOenterprise is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution from ELO Digital Office, developed to efficiently integrate a large company's document-driven business processes. 

Since ELOenterprise was created to ensure efficient communication between business processes within large companies and organizations, adding the option of digital signatures was a natural fit to ELO's solution. DocuSign Signature Appliance (formally known as CoSign) helps ELOenterprise customers maximize the benefits of their ECM investment by integrating digital signature capabilities directly into their business processes and workflows.

Key Benefits

  • The DocuSign Signature Appliance Connector for ELOenterprise by Future Solutions enables PDF documents to be digitally signed and verified from both the ELOenterprise Java/Windows and web browser clients.
  • Signed documents are automatically stored in the ELOenterprise system as a new version of the source document.


Case study: DocuSign Signature Appliance APIs Enable Fast Integration With ELOenterprise ECM

Got Questions?

The connector is sold and supported by Future Solutions

Compatibility Information

DocuSign Platform: DocuSign Signature Appliance.

About the Partners

At Future Solutions Company, we've provided management consulting and software development for manufacturers of all types for over twenty years.

ELO Digital Office GmbH develops and sells high-performance software solutions in the areas of electronic document management, digital archiving and workflow management and covers the entire spectrum of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

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