Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing

Document signing and secure collaboration on 100% of your files; on-premise or in the cloud

Do you use DocuSign for contracts, invoices, order forms, lease agreements, etc. but need an easier way to access that information from anywhere using any device? Both large and small businesses around the world are taking advantage of the Egnyte and DocuSign integration to collect, store, access, share, and track electronically signed documents from business partners using a single integrated platform.

Egnyte and DocuSign integration can handle many different enterprise use cases. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Real Estate – Contract management for residential to commercial real estate, property management, mortgage, escrow and more
  • Financial Services – Secure file collaboration on account openings, consumer loans, internal approvals, etc. for banks, credit unions and wealth management companies
  • Healthcare – Simplified collaboration on health records while meeting the most stringent compliance needs and regulations

And many more use cases for Retail, Media and Advertising, High Tech, Education, Government, etc.

Existing Egnyte administrators can start using this integration today by enabling the Egnyte for DocuSign Web App under Settings. End users can then simply add the app, right click on the document and start sending documents using their existing DocuSign account. New customers can sign up for a trial Egnyte account at

Key Features

  • Secure VPN-less access to 100% of your files, on-prem or in the cloud, from anywhere using any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Collaboration with any internal or external party on any type of document that requires e-signature
  • Complete audit trail for automated compliance reporting
  • Fully automated annotation and storage of all versions of signed copies
  • Continuous backup for online/offline access and disaster recovery


Helpdesk article on How to enable and How to use Egnyte for DocuSign

Enterprise File Sharing Video

Egnyte Platform for Green Yellow Red Files

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About the Partner:

Egnyte provides File Sharing for Enterprise. Access and Share files from anywhere, using any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Control where files are stored, with the simplicity of the cloud and the speed of local storage. Attain complete security and visibility with centralized administration, audit reporting and user permissioning. Sync with any existing storage system, allowing mobile access beyond the firewall, without the need for VPN or FTP servers.





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