Intuitive Contract Management. Contract Guardian is very pleased to announce our complete integration to the DocuSign electronic signature solution providing our clients with the option to deploy an affordable, safe and secure contracting solution.

Contract Guardian, a leading solution for managing company contracts, commitments, and compliance further enhances its offering by providing native integration of DocuSign. With this enhancement, clients can benefit from:

  • Ability to easily send any finalized document out for e-signature
  • Option to add multiple signers, from both within and outside the company, to the contract document
  • Easily and comprehensively monitor status after the document is sent out for signature
  • Intuitive user interface to electronically sign the contract online
  • Immediate notification when contracts are e-signed
  • Complete history f the signing process is maintained in Contract Guardian journal
  • Final PDF version of the signed contract document stored in Contract Guardian

Key Features

Flexibility – Contract Guardian can change as your organization or process changes. Features reflecting this powerful flexibility include:

  • Unlimited organizations, number of users, agreements, locations, etc.
  • Unlimited user defined fields and unlimited contract types
  • Unfettered Access – Smartphone, Tablet , Laptop and Desktop from anywhere at anytime

Stay Informed - Eliminate unpleasant surprises with Contract Guardian’s communication tools. Create operational efficiencies and increased visibility across the contract lifecycle.

  • Automatic alerts for important milestones
  • Workflow and task control/approval
  • Personal view of contracts and assignments
  • Calendar view of outstanding assignments
  • Journal of all activity for agreement
  • View a stream of activity in Contract Guardian

Powerful search and report functionality - Enter a word or phrase and Contract Guardian searches all of your data fields and documents including full text search and then presents the list of agreements that match your criteria. Reporting Contract Guardian allows you to search and report on your agreements in seconds. Features include:

  • Drag and drop layout
  • Filter, sort and sequence on any field
  • Export options (Excel, HTML, PDF, Word, Rich Text) as well as Email Report Options
  • Save reports and run both private and public reports
  • Email reports


About Rippe & Kingston (Developer and Owner of Contract Guardian)

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