Branddocs is a company specialized in Social Document Networks, which integrates Docusign’s eSignature to empower security in all customer transactions.

Branddocs is the only eDocument company that focuses on the social aspects of document sharing and empowers consumers for document exchange.

Its corporate digital mailbox and document network, the most advanced automatic document import technology, along with its partnership with DocuSign, the Global Standard for eSignature, make Branddocs the perfect technological ally to bring about any publication and document exchange with clients.

Founded in 2008 and with an investment of several millions in R&D, Branddocs is made up of a team of IT engineers specialized in digital documents and social networks.

With headquarters in New York and offices in Madrid (Europe), Branddocs is also currently available to service any country in North America, LATAM and EMEA.

Key Benefits:

  • Document Aggregating Technology

  • Document Social Network