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How to use eSignatures for faster, more secure signing.

Electronic signatures transform sometimes lengthy business transactions, such as getting signatures on agreements and approvals, into simple, quick, paperless processes. Learn how to get started with electronic signatures, what to consider when choosing an eSignature solution, and how DocuSign provides the most secure and reliable service for digital transactions worldwide.

Electronic signing

Electronic signatures save you time and money by eliminating printing, faxing, and delivery. Additionally, DocuSign provides a superior customer experience, enabling sending and signing anywhere, on any device—so you finalize forms and get back to business.

Learn how to electronically sign a document

How to electronically sign a document

Go paperless, simplify records keeping, and save time! Electronically signing PDFs is easy and secure. Find out how!
Learn how to request PDF signatures

Request PDF signatures with DocuSign

Use DocuSign to add signatures to PDFs.
Learn how to esign a PDF

Need to sign a PDF?

DocuSign makes it easy to digitally sign PDFs while preserving the document’s security.

Electronic signature legality

Electronic signatures are legally binding for almost every business and personal transaction in the U.S. and worldwide. Get an overview of the electronic signature laws in the U.S., UK, EU, and around the world.

Learn about electronic signature legality

Are electronic signatures legal?

Find out about the legality of electronic signatures in the U.S., UK, EU, and the rest of the world.
Learn about electronic signature laws in the US

US electronic signature laws and history

Learn about United States electronic signature laws such as the ESIGN Act, UETA, and 21 CFR Part 11 for Life Sciences.
Learn about the eIDAS regulation

The eIDAS Regulation: A primer

Get up to speed on the 2016 eIDAS electronic signature law changes that impact doing business in Europe or with any EU member state.

Digital transformation

Dramatically boost your customer experience, save money, and improve productivity by digitally transforming your business. Get help choosing an eSignature solution that’s trustworthy, plays well with your existing systems, and makes the experience easy and seamless for your workers and customers.

Learn about how to choose an eSignature solution

10 tips for choosing an eSignature solution

Are you evaluating eSignature solutions? Get 10 tips for selecting the best eSignature solution for your company.
Learn about digital transformation

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation can lead to higher revenues, faster processing, error reduction, and a better customer experience. Is your business ready for digital transformation?

Digital signatures

What’s the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature? Find out when it’s appropriate to use a digital rather than an electronic signature and how to create a digital signature.

Learn how to create digital signatures

How to create digital signatures

Create digital signatures for fast and secure online document management.
Learn how to eSign documents for free

Electronically sign for free

Try out DocuSign and electronically sign for free for 30 days. Complete contracts, forms, and other business transactions anywhere, on any device.

Real estate transaction management

Reduce the stress of home buying or selling by leveraging the speed, convenience, and security of electronic signing. If you work in real estate, find out how electronic signing gives you a competitive edge. Close the deal faster—find out how.

Learn how to sign real estate documents electronically

Buying or selling a house? Sign your documents electronically

Buying or selling a house? Electronically sign your real estate documents for free, and save time.
Learn how to streamline the real estate document-signing experience

Streamline the real estate document-signing experience

Close real estate deals faster, beat competing offers, and save the cost of paper and the hassle of copying with electronic signatures.


DocuSign is integrated with products you use every day. Find out how to electronically sign documents from your mobile devices, and see how electronic signing works with your productivity apps.

Learn how to electronically sign on your mobile device

How do I electronically sign documents on my iPhone or iPad?

Sign documents electronically directly from your iPhone or iPad when you use the iOS 9 Markup preview or the DocuSign mobile app.
Learn how to eSign Word documents

How to electronically sign a Microsoft Word document

Find out from the experts at DocuSign just how easy it is to electronically sign a Word document.

Need to know more?

Learn more about how DocuSign electronic signatures can provide a better customer experience, speed contract signing and approvals, and increase productivity.
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