Document Creation

With hundreds of millions users worldwide, DocuSign processes nearly a million documents daily. DocuSign offers features that make our documents both widely compatible and widely accessible.

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Extensive File Type Support

DocuSign supports virtually any type of document file type from most applications – like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – to ensure all your important documents can be sent for signature. DocuSign even recognizes PDF documents and automatically tags form fields for data entry by signers. Supported file formats include .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt and many others. You can also use the print command to send a document to DocuSign from more than 50,000 applications with DocuSign’s print driver.

PDF Form Conversion

Save time preparing documents with PDF Form Conversion. When uploading a PDF, DocuSign automatically recognizes and converts the PDF fields to signer fields.

20+ Standard and Custom Tags and Fields

Guide your customers to sign and initial in all the right places in a matter of seconds. Use standard tags to collect signatures, initials, names, titles, company names and other relevant information — or modify them for specific purposes and save them as custom tags for future use. Available tags include signatures, initials, names, titles, company names, text, numbers, currency, notes and more.


The Drawing field enables both signers and senders to upload images and signers can leave free-form markups directly on those images.

Cloud Storage Integration

Retrieve documents from the most widely used cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Microsoft SkyDrive, Egnyte and Citrix ShareFile.

Automatic Tag Placing

Place tags and fields to certain lines of text so that when you drop them into a document, they automatically appear at the right location. Even if the document changes, AutoPlace (formerly Anchor Tags) moves tags with the text.


Generate on demand, self-service documents for signature with little to no code. Powerforms reduce document preparation time and push the data you collect into your backend systems.

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Supplemental Documents

Senders can include additional information, such as legal disclosures or terms and conditions for signer acknowledgment, as a different and distinct part of an envelope. Signers can easily view and accept the supplemental documents, as required by the sender, in this new streamlined signing experience.

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Comments enable the sender and recipients of an envelope to exchange feedback in context of a document directly within the DocuSign web and mobile signing experiences. The feature offers real-time comment notifications, as well as the ability to track and retain conversation history for DocuSign transactions.

Data Fields

Seamlessly integrate DocuSign with other applications to prepopulate forms, saving you hassle and reducing errors. DocuSign’s advanced form and field validation capabilities automate business logic, streamlining the process for signers to input data, while giving senders complete control over the data that gets collected.

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Full Forms Functionality

Design forms the way you want to with robust form functionality including checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown tags, and text, numeric and currency fields.

Third-Party Data Fields

Link your fields to data from third-party systems and services. Data is automatically updated from third-party systems to your document and vice versa - eliminating manual data entry.

Data Validation

Restrict the type of data entered into any chosen field to reduce transactions that are “not in good order” – eliminating data entry errors and document resending. Validation values include text, email, phone number, date, 6-character postal code, social insurance number and regular expression masking.

Field Formatting and Logic

Automate document logic with DocuSign’s advanced form and field validation capabilities. Use Conditional Fields to hide or reveal data that needs to be collected based on a signer’s response to other fields. With Calculated Fields, values are dynamically calculated based on inputs to other fields. Locked Fields protect data you don’t want changed and Linked Fields ensure all changes are reflected across all identical fields.

Field and Document Markup

Enable certain fields to be editable by downstream signers. DocuSign manages the changes and requests the initials of other parties before accepting a change. The transaction history tracks all finalized changes.

Signing Workflow

DocuSign lets you specify and order any number of signers. Assign recipients different roles and access beyond signing permissions — you have control over every step of the process.

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Serial, Parallel, and Mixed Routing

Route documents to multiple users in serial, parallel and mixed sequencing to fit your ideal process. Require users to sign one by one or allow them all to sign at the same time.


Prepare documents for rapid sending with reusable templates that save tags and field placement, workflow routing, and other settings. Templates standardize processes, reduce preparation time and enable end-to-end automation of your business.

Bulk Send

Easily send the same document to a large number of recipients. Simply import a list of signers and each will receive a unique copy to sign.

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Recipient Permissions

Define the actions of each recipient in your workflow, like signing, editing, requesting signer attachments, or simply approving a document. DocuSign has multiple roles to help you customize your workflow to your specific needs.

Document Visibility

DocuSign gives you full control over who sees each document. When sending multiple documents, restrict which signers can view and access each individual document to protect confidential information.

Correct Documents

Make changes to a document, even if it's incomplete. Change recipient information, add, edit, remove tags, or add and remove documents not yet signed.

Reminders and Notifications

Set up automated email reminders for your signers to complete the signing process and add deadline notifications to expire untouched documents or transactions.

DocuSign Connect

DocuSign Connect operates on a publisher-subscription model to provide real-time updates of document status and form data through an API as the document progresses through actions to completion.

Signer Authentication

Make sure your signers are who they say they are. Multiple levels of authentication increase the thresholds required of signers to prove their identity before given access to documents.

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Email-Based Authentication

DocuSign’s built-in form of authentication is email authentication. This ensures the only people signing are those invited by you to sign and have access to the email account.

Access Code Authentication

Requires signers to provide a sender-generated code in order to open and sign their documents.

SMS Authentication

Via SMS text messaging, send a one-time passcode that your recipients must enter to access documents.

Federated Identity Authentication

DocuSign accepts and records authentication by other systems integrated with DocuSign via industry-standard protocols. As an option, Single Sign-On (SSO) detects email domains at login and redirects to your domain’s Identity Provider for authentication.

Phone Authentication

Requires signers to call a phone number and enter their name and access code to review and sign documents.

Third-Party Authentication

Requires signers to log in with an additional set of third-party account credentials from Salesforce, Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft.

ID Verification

Verify signers’ identity using government-issued IDs. Our technology verifies Canada and U.S. government-issued photo IDs and European eIDs by analyzing the document security features and matching the name on the agreement against the name on the ID.

Sending and Signing Experience

Send documents with DocuSign and have your customers sign and send back your document within a matter of minutes. Sending and signing is fast, easy and intuitive.

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Remote or In-Person Mobile Signing

DocuSign lets you sign from any place on any device, whether that’s from your office or sitting face-to-face with the other party. Every signing experience is flexible and configurable.

Responsive Signing

Signers on mobile phones can access a parallel version of the document that automatically adapts its formatting to the device’s size and orientation. Take Responsive Signing further by defining collapsible sections, page breaks and custom formatting options to enhance the mobile signer experience.

Mobile Applications

If you are using an iOS or Android device, download an easy-to-use app so you can create, tag, send and sign documents on the fly. Even if you don’t have a DocuSign mobile app installed, you can easily sign documents from your mobile web browser.

SMS Notifications

Reach signers faster with real-time notifications sent directly to their mobile device. Enable signers to quickly open and electronically sign documents with the SMS Delivery.

Offline Signing and Sending

Sign and send documents with DocuSign mobile apps even when offline. Documents are signed and created, queued, then synced and sent once connectivity is restored.


DocuSign’s accessibility support enables sight- and hearing-impaired signers to sign documents with our service in adherence with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Human Rights Act. View DocuSign Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (PDF).


Reflect your brand on the emails and web pages your recipients see when completing documents. Add your logo, change colors and customize email copy and links.

Add-on Services

Take advantage of optional add-on services from DocuSign, and our industry-leading partners, to address specific transaction requirements like content discovery and analysis, payment processing, document retention, notary, and more.

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For certain transactions, recipients need the option to return a document via fax. DocuSign can help you manage signatures and transactions across any type of device, including fax machines.

Payment Processing

Collect credit card and debit card information from a document and process it through a payment gateway such as Stripe. And with DocuSign Payments, you can set up documents so that customers sign, pay, and complete business transactions all in one step, using credit cards, Apple Pay or Android Pay.


The eOriginal service extends DocuSign to control, manage and share authoritative copies of negotiable instruments such as leases and loans. Authoritative copies are unique, identifiable and unalterable without detection.

AI-driven Analysis and Insights

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help find, filter and analyze agreements across your enterprise. DocuSign Insight lets you quickly find answers to legal and business questions, and view insights as visualized reports and dashboards.


Robust product reporting makes it easy for DocuSign users and account administrators to get visibility into their account. Real-time access combined with extensive scheduled reporting means that business statistics are always available and accessible.

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Real-Time Status

DocuSign tracks your transactions in real-time — every signature, approval and related recipient actions are logged and viewable.

Signing Insights

Turn data into action with Signing Insights. Identify patterns and drill deeper to uncover rich insights with powerful, yet simple-to-use, data visualizations. With Signing Insights, you can optimize the signer journey to improve completion rates.

Document, Recipient and Account Reports

Easily customize, run, export and print reports for your account. DocuSign reports on documents, recipients and overall account activity.

Data Export

Share data and statistics by exporting data from documents to an CSV file, ranging from a single data field to data from multiple documents and PowerForms.


With DocuSign, your electronic signatures are legally binding and widely accepted for most business transactions around the world. Powerful transaction data logging helps protect your contracts from repudiation.

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Legal admissibility

DocuSign ensures the highest levels of compliance with eSignature laws. Electronic signatures are legally binding in Canada and most countries around the world. The Uniform Electronic Commerce Act (UECA) was adopted in 1999 and enacted (with some modifications) in every province, Nunavut and Yukon territories. Quebec has its own legislation (CQLR c C-1.1) establishing “functional equivalence” of e-signatures, giving them the same legal weight as paper signatures. At the federal level, the Canadian Parliament provisioned electronic signatures in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in 2000.

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Digital Signatures

DocuSign has a comprehensive portfolio of digital signature technology solutions that can help companies to meet certain regional- or industry-specific requirements. DocuSign provides both cloud-based and on-premises digital signature-based signing solutions to meet your specific business needs.

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Tamper-Sealed Documents

All documents are digitally sealed with the industry-standard technology, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This Tamper Seal indicates the electronic signature is valid and that the document has not been tampered with after it was downloaded from DocuSign.

Audit Trail

Track your document through every step of the process. DocuSign maintains a complete, automated history of every activity, including viewing, printing, sending, signing, or declining to sign a document.

Certification of Completion

Every signed DocuSign document comes with a certificate of completion that provides proof of the signing process to all parties of the transaction. This certificate includes information from the audit trail, illustrating who signed, timestamps detailing when and where each person signed, and the completed document itself.

Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure

Configures and updates the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure (formerly Consumer Disclosure) to be compliant with company policy, requiring signers to consent or re-consent to the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure notice.

Industry Regulations

DocuSign eSignature can be configured to support industry-specific regulations such as FedRAMP, Canada’s PIPEDA (and in Ontario, PHIPA), HIPAA, and 21 CFR Part 11.


Specify a custom watermark to differentiate draft documents from completed documents. The watermark is displayed on all pages of all documents until the signing process is completed.

Archiving and Document Retention

Signed documents and audit trails are maintained by DocuSign’s tamper-evident storage system, providing easy but secure access.

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Email Archiving

For highly regulated industries like financial services, you can maintain a clear record of all transactions by sending a copy of every email interaction between your organization and signers to a secure email address that's been archived.

Document Retention Policies

Control the life of your documents and enforce company policy related to document retention. Automatically purge documents after a specified period of time and notify users in advance of purging.

Authoritative Copy

Create and maintain a single copy of a document — known as the "Authoritative Copy" — that is unique, identifiable and unalterable without detection.

DocuSign Retrieve

Download envelopes, documents and data from DocuSign for use with external systems. DocuSign Retrieve runs on your system as a one-time request or on a recurring basis. Configure DocuSign Retrieve to specify file type and storage location.

Agreement Actions

Automate your common post-signature tasks with Agreement Actions. Configure rules to automatically archive completed agreements to your cloud storage provider (SharePoint, Microsoft® Excel, Google Drive™ and more), export data to Google Sheets™ and start workflows in DocuSign CLM.


We know how important it is for a service to always be available. That’s why DocuSign is committed to service uptime and total transparency into our system status.

Enterprise-Class Availability

DocuSign delivers over 99.99% platform availability.

Service Availability Status

DocuSign publishes and updates availability status on the Trust Center in real time, so you know the DocuSign service is available when you need it.

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Monthly Uptime Statistics

DocuSign uptime statistics are updated monthly to reflect server stability and keep DocuSign status transparent to the public.

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Service Alerts and Notification

The DocuSign Trust Center provides updates and alerts of system maintenance and other notifications.

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DocuSign protects your highly confidential information by encrypting and making every document tamper-evident. Authentication options help prove that signers are who they say they are at the time of signing, helping ensure your documents have non-repudiation in a court of law. With DocuSign, the security of your documents, electronic signature authentication, and system security are top priorities.

DocuSign Trust Center

The DocuSign Trust Center provides information on how we safeguard your data, our certifications and tests, and updates and alerts.

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Document Encryption

DocuSign uses AES 128-bit encryption and SSL 256-bit encryption to ensure documents in the system are encrypted at all times. Any unauthorized changes in the underlying document will be detected and identified as evidence of tampering.

Document Custody Management

DocuSign can automatically reassign your document to a different user after a document has been signed, giving that user ownership and removing access from the original sender.

ISO 27001 Certified

DocuSign is ISO27001 and SSAE 16, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, PCI, and FedRAMP Certified.

Spam Protection

Protect yourself and your signers from scammers and spammers. DocuSign ensures users can validate emails and notifications by utilizing an access code to access documents directly from the DocuSign website.


DocuSign is globally recognized and internationally used. Users in more than 180 countries have utilized DocuSign to complete their digital transactions.

44 Languages

Enable customers to sign in their native languages, with support for signing experiences in 44 languages and the ability to request signatures in 14 languages.

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Standards-Based Signatures

Automate and manage entire digital workflows while staying compliant with local and industry eSignature standards, including eIDAS in the EU.

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Global Time Zone Support

DocuSign service is available in any time zone. Every transaction is stamped with a universal time code that is converted to the local time zone you specify.

Trusted Timestamp

DocuSign ensures all actions are accurately timestamped using a server-based time clock synchronized with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) atomic clock, helping you keep your records and audit trail as accurate as possible.

Administration and Controls

Manage your DocuSign deployment with extensive central administration capabilities. Help your employees comply with company policies, set policies on document custody and retention, manage how signers sign or adopt signatures, specify user authentication, and much more.

User and Access Control

Add users and groups, and easily configure different permissions and privileges for them.

Delegated Administration

Delegated Administration empowers IT, business analysts and others to administer specific functionality within accounts while maintaining maximum flexibility and control.

Feature Access Control

Control the account-wide settings of all users to ensure support for your company’s policies.

Password Policies

Make sure all your users have strong passwords to protect your company’s private information. Set password strength requirements for users, including the number of days before expiration, format and more.

Access Management with SSO

Access Management with SSO helps administrators secure access to their organizationally-controlled accounts. Using the third-party identity provider of their choice, administrators can ensure compliance with security and company standards, and automatically provision users.

Organization Management

Organization Management helps administrators centrally manage DocuSign across the enterprise—even across accounts, domains, and data centers around the globe. It lets you compare settings across accounts, modify account settings in bulk, and efficiently add, update or close a large number of user accounts at once.

Open APIs and Integrations

Build creative digital experiences with our powerful APIs. Our API’s are designed to be open, transparent and enable easy integration.


DocuSign publishes both its REST and SOAP APIs. They are easily accessible to developers looking to integrate. Explore DocuSign’s extensive API with our interactive IODocs.

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OAuth2 Support

DocuSign supports an OAuth2-based tokening system as an additional API authorization option for companies requiring an increased layer of security to custom integrations.

Single Sign-On

The updated and improved Single-Sign-on (SSO) provides just-in-time provisioning, password management integrations, and support for DocuSign’s newest innovations.

Enterprise Development Sandbox

DocuSign provides a robust sandbox environment facilitating rapid development, testing and deployment of applications using or integrating DocuSign technology.

Embedded Signing

DocuSign’s support of embedded signing allows you to create signing experiences for your users directly within third-party applications. Go through an entire electronic transaction without ever leaving a third-party application.


Integrate and connect eSignature with the systems and tools you already use—for example, Salesforce, Workday, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Box, Slack and hundreds more.

Customer Success Services

We have a growing team of Customer Success professionals focused entirely on agreement processes and technologies. We are the Agreement Experts. Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Adoption Services, and Customer Support—designed to deliver and accelerate successful outcomes.

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