With more than 400 brands—including Dove, Lipton and Ben & Jerry’s—in 190 countries, every day 2.5 billion people use Unilever products. The company’s vision is to make products that are loved by consumers worldwide and friendlier on the planet those consumers all share. As part of Unilever’s growth strategy, it is committed to constant innovation, allowing the company to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing global business landscape. One of Unilever’s key initiatives is a partnership with DocuSign. Unilever uses multiple products from the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, integrated with other Unilever systems. Across different business functions, Unilever uses DocuSign to help automate numerous processes.

Business Challenge 

Efficient and cost-effective contracting is key to the supply chain which underpins
this truly global business. Before working with DocuSign, globally distributed
teams at Unilever got agreements done with a mix of office applications, email,
printing, scanning, faxing, and phone follow-ups. Given Unilever’s scale and its
global scope, the cost and time necessary to do this work was significant.
“People would search their email inbox looking for the last email with a contract
attachment, having to make sure it’s the right one,” said Wei Ling Lim, Unilever’s
General Counsel for Global Supply Chain. “We wanted tools and solutions that
would harmonize, simplify and bring efficiencies.”

DocuSign Solution 

To help digitally transform procurement contracting, Unilever collaborated with
DocuSign. Using DocuSign CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management), Unilever was
able to increase speed throughout the contracting process for spend portfolios
that were previously not integrated into a contract management workflow.
For example:
• When a contract needs to be initiated, the requester can enter the deal’s
key facts
• Based on the requester’s input and additional pulled-in data, the
contract is automatically generated with the correct clauses
• Unilever leverages the DocuSign CLM workflow to route the review
tasks to the right people
• When the contract is ready for signature, Unilever utilizes DocuSign eSignature
for sending and signing in an efficient, user-friendly way


More agreement, less paperwork
With Smarter Contracting, average contract completion time has been cut in
half. And in an early pilot launched in India the Smarter Contracting platform
reduced contract drafting times by 80%. Unilever also saw 50% reduction in average contract
completion time
Unilever’s results in Smarter Contracting are just a part of the story. Many other
groups at Unilever are using the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to bring greater
efficiencies to agreement processes—allowing them to do business faster, more
efficiently and easier for everyone involved.