Established in Arizona in 2007, RightSure Insurance was born from a bank that was among the first to use DocuSign’s electronic signature solution for mortgages. Implementing DocuSign was a key part of RightSure’s success during the difficult economic environment of the Great Recession. DocuSign helped RightSure achieve exceptional efficiencies and delight its customers.

Business Challenge 

In the paper-based world, RightSure found that signing new accounts often took up to 11 days to receive completed agreements via postal mail. The process often required assiduous follow-up by RightSure to ensure documents were returned at all. As a small business, RightSure was looking to provide an experience that would allow the company to compete with larger insurance agencies while eliminating headaches for employees, customers, and prospects. The company also sought to offer employees a supportive work environment, with the opportunity to telecommute.

DocuSign Solution 

RightSure selected DocuSign’s eSignature platform because it met every need, and provided a positive user experience. RightSure began using DocuSign on the web for account opening documents “right out of the box,” with no customization or setup needed.


With DocuSign, RightSure has achieved three results: acceleration of signing, a better company experience, and cost savings. “Business is rarely done face-to-face these days, so without DocuSign, you are stuck printing, faxing, scanning, mailing and shuffling paper back and forth,” said Jeff Arnold, president of RightSure. “It’s a hassle that creates a poor experience for employees and customers alike.” A process that used to take up to 11 days via mail now averages less than 48 hours for envelope closing time, and often times only minutes. “The time savings from DocuSign is significant and substantial,” Arnold said. “I can’t imagine our business without DocuSign.” What’s more, RightSure is founded on a principle of maximizing resources. Employees are encouraged to telecommute two to three days per week. DocuSign serves as a back office portal for company processes, which otherwise might be held up until people were in
the office at the same time. The company uses DocuSign for all HR forms and processes, and can easily route documents for signature by multiple signers. Because all signed documents are stored securely on the DocuSign Global Network, RightSure benefits from automatic document backup, even while it also stores the completed documents within its internal systems. RightSure is very happy with the brand experience provided by DocuSign. The company has customized all DocuSign communications with the RightSure brand. “There’s a wow factor of a small company providing such a customer-friendly technology like DocuSign,” said Arnold. “It’s an appealing look, providing a personalized, private experience. That says a lot to a client about what kind of service they can expect from RightSure.” RightSure agents can use DocuSign to send a document to a client in less than a minute using forms templates that help accelerate the company’s business processes. Agents don’t need to remind prospective clients to sign—DocuSign sends automatic reminders and can automatically void a document that’s been left unsigned. “That kind of follow up requires staff, which requires money. With DocuSign taking care of it, RightSure can focus our staff on activities that build long lasting relationships with our customers.”