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DocuSign API integrator and customer, too: Praecipio boosts efficiency up to 20 percent

Steven Kling is Principal of Product Development at Praecipio Software, whose flagship products for developers include Jira and Confluence. They’ve been a loyal DocuSign customer from day one, particularly valuing its ability to enable signing documents across mobile platforms and its ISO27001-certified security.

But Praecipio doesn’t just deploy DocuSign for its own day-to-day transactions. They’ve deeply woven it into their own suite of API solution products, for seamless document creation, tracking, and sending. “You can track what’s going on at the recipient level, and that’s really important to our customers,” says Kling, adding that the company has seen a 15 to 20 percent increase in overall efficiency with the integration of DocuSign. “We’ve effectively taken email out of the equation,” he adds with a smile, “to help our customers get to agreement faster.”