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Allergan leverages DocuSign to accelerate global paperwork, ensure contract compliance, and save time and money

Allergan makes specialty pharmaceutical products that are household names, like BOTOX, RESTASIS, LATISSE, and JUVÉDERM. Allergan discovered DocuSign completely by accident, thanks to a partner acquisition. eSignature technology quickly caught on. Mike Towers, the company’s chief information security officer, explains how DocuSign has had a major impact on his company.

“DocuSign’s value was apparent, and we quickly began integrating across our enterprise,” Towers says. “DocuSign became the de facto standard for accelerating paperwork and ensuring compliance across contract approvals, purchase orders, clinical trials, and HR.”

From eliminating huge, bulky file cabinets to allowing clients to sign and share documents in real time across the globe, DocuSign has changed how Allergan does business. Now the company saves 90 percent of the time that agreements used to take.