• 3-4Min

    Minutes from screening to connect to a specialist
  • 20

    Different medical specialities covered
  • 100%

    Digital experience

The digital age calls for change in the healthcare sector. TeleDoctor24 is one of the first telemedicine companies that can legally issue e-prescriptions and online sick leave authorization. The company focuses on what really matters: treating patients quickly and comfortably. Together with DocuSign, TeleDoctor24 enables a purely digital experience where patients can be advised conveniently from home and can then redeem e-prescriptions in over 8,500 cooperating German pharmacies nationwide or receive them via delivery.

The healthcare system in Germany

Telemedicine is very new to Germany, available only since 2018 when restrictions eased, allowing doctors to evaluate patients remotely. TeleDoctor24 promotes the benefits of telemedicine across the country, raising public awareness and acceptance of remote consults in order to take full advantage of its services. Today, it can take days, weeks, sometimes months to get an appointment with a specialist. With telemedicine, the process is shortened to a few minutes, eliminating transit and sitting in waiting rooms for in-person visits.

TeleDoctor24 offers two ways to get advice online 

1. Request an appointment with a specialist

Patients go online to request an appointment with a specialized practitioner. TeleDoctor24 provides doctors from 20 different specialties such as general practitioners, cardiologists, pulmonologists, rheumatologists, surgeons, paediatricians and many more. Patients choose a time for a consultation; an appointment takes place within 30 minutes.

2. Video consultation 

A patient’s call is accepted by a medical assistant who conducts an initial assessment, then forwards the patient to an appropriate, available specialist. The screening process takes about 3-5 minutes and the patient is immediately connected to the specialist who meets for the video consultation online.

Time Comparison

Traditional Doctor Visit


1-4 hours wait time

On-demand digital experience

It can take days, weeks, months to get an appointment with the right specialist

8–15 minutes from initial consultation to the issuing of an e-prescription or sick leave notice


3–4 minutes to be connected to a specialist


20 different speciality areas

IDnow: A purely digital Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) for online sick leave authorizations

TeleDoctor24 uses DocuSign Identify and eSignature to issue legally valid e-prescriptions and authorize online sick notes. DocuSign Identify offers a variety of methods to verify the identity of a signer. The app integrates the document signature together with the remote video identification of the ID provider, IDNow, to issue a Qualified Electronic Signature that is legally valid. That signature corresponds to a handwritten signature in Germany and throughout Europe. Using DocuSign Identify, TeleDoctor24 checks the ID of its doctors and can theoretically onboard doctors on the spot by digitally signing the treatment contract. Secure identity verification allows TeleDoctor24 to offer an entirely digital experience with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).

The QES is one of three signatures which, according to the eIDAS regulation, has been adopted across the EU since July 2016. It is the most complex, demanding the most stringent signer identification and certificate requirements and is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. 

“We chose DocuSign because a Qualified Electronic Signature was required for the legal validity of sick notes and prescriptions. The standard solutions that were used in this area, which include the use of a signature card and a reader, were not applicable to our workflow with freelance doctors. DocuSign was the only provider to offer a purely digital solution for QES using IDnow. " Jahanyar, CMO, TeleDoctor24.  He went on to say that he was never made to feel that he was just a customer, but was embraced by DocuSign as a full partner in building something ambitious.