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    Saved daily on contract processes

Drybar specializes in perfecting one thing: the art of the blowout. The pioneer blow dry salon offers no cuts, no color, no muss and no fuss—and customers love the experience, the products and the brand. Since its founding in 2008, hair styling salon Drybar has seen tremendous growth. With 100+ locations throughout the US and Canada and a growing product line at major retailers such as Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdale’s and Ulta, Drybar had no shortage of contracts to negotiate, sign, and manage. As a result, when the blow dry salon’s first in-house general counsel, Alyson Barker, joined the company in 2015, she immediately identified the need to better manage the company’s contracts.

Drybar did not have a centralized platform for tracking contracts or storing templates and signed agreements. From lease renewals, product release documents and event contracts, to non-disclosure and manufacturing agreements, Drybar had a vast array of contracts to maintain, which were all stored across various shared drives owned by individual departments. Finding an existing contract, such as a lease agreement for a specific location, was a manual process with employees having to search through files and spreadsheets manually. 

It became clear that Drybar needed a better way to access, manage, and store agreement templates and contracts. With prior experience using DocuSign CLM, Barker knew the power of the solution and breadth of its capabilities would help Drybar take back control of its agreement process and reduce contract turnaround times.

Flexible and fast contract management

With DocuSign CLM, DryBar found a solution that met all of its requirements including contract management, case management, templates and reporting tools. The company also needed a flexible integration with Salesforce. While many of Drybar’s internal teams used Salesforce, others didn’t, so having the option to use DocuSign CLM to access and work with contracts directly within Salesforce—or outside of it—was essential. 

Docusign CLM has enabled me to be extremely service-oriented with my team—at a low cost. I’m working faster and more collaboratively.
Alyson Barker
General Counsel

Drybar’s employees also needed mobile capabilities to ensure seamless, on-demand access to contracts. With Docusign CLM, anyone can access any document from anywhere in the world. “It takes two seconds to pull a document up from the app. I can easily forward it on,” Barker said. 

Empowering employees and saving time

DocuSign CLM has enabled Drybar’s sales and HR departments to gain control over the negotiation and contracting processes by eliminating bottlenecks. They no longer have to wait for legal counsel to complete tasks that were once slow and manual. Overall, DocuSign CLM has enabled Drybar to streamline its agreement lifecycle by transforming outdated, analog processes—such as lease tracking—into a digital automated workflow that saves employees time and reduces dependency on the legal team. Barker and team have recovered two hours per day that can now be dedicated to more strategic tasks. “DocuSign CLM has enabled me to be extremely service-oriented with my team—at a low cost. I’m working faster and more collaboratively,” she said.

The result is a faster pace of business, improved compliance, and happier employees. Throughout the company, DocuSign CLM adoption is growing and feedback has been positive. With no arduous training required to use it, employees are enjoying the benefits of the solution’s intuitive user interface.