Optimizing Sales Rep Effectiveness in 2012 - Getting More Deals Signed & Closed

CSO Insights’ 2012 Sales Performance Optimization survey of more than 1,400 firms worldwide found that 92% of sales organizations raised sales quotas for 2012.  The study also found the “no decision” rate of forecast deals was 23.7% and the “lose” rate was 27.9%.  How exactly can companies help sales reps quickly and effectively close more deals to meet increased revenue targets?

In this webinar Jim Dickie, Managing Partner at CSO Insights, will share the top challenges impacting sales performance today, discuss reasons why many of these issues exist, and offer ideas to optimize your team's selling efforts to improve results. Jennifer Savage of DocuSign will then demonstrate how an electronic signature solution can accelerate your sales cycle and increase close rates by up to 30 percent. Be sure to join for this practical look at how you can close more deals immediately to make your sales team more effective in 2012.

For attending this webinar, you will receive CSO Insights’ latest Sales Management 2.0 eBook.