EZ Coordinator gives you the power to manage your real estate transactions online in one secure location, with the ability to access your data anytime. It includes unlimited document storage, e-signatures with DocuSign, task management and much more. And, it's 100% free for agents and you can start using it on your next transaction.

Manage your buyer and seller leads, track the property types of interest, as well as other important data that will convert leads into CLIENTS! For brokers, this tool will help you attract the best agents in the business by offering them our CRM tool. For agents, no more multiple programs to track leads and transactions – now everything is in one place. And, when a lead converts into a client, one click moves their information into the EZ Transaction Manager.`

Add documents by uploading them to EZ Coordinator. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to reorganize documents, or move them around. Collect e-signatures with DocuSign®, which is directly integrated into the program, and share data in real time with your team, or other appropriate parties.`

Keep track of important due dates in each transaction on your calendar – which can by synchronized with your Google calendar. Set up email alerts so you are reminded when as task or critical date is about to expire.`

Ready to close? Review your documents for compliance to make sure everything is in perfect order. You can easily ensure the file is complete, and then close the deal and get paid!`

EZ Coordinator is designed to save time, improve efficiencies, reduce risk, and help you to make more money. With all of your documents, scheduled tasks, signatures, contracts, and other important details and documents in one place. Accessible from anywhere, you’ll have more time to focus on the next steps for your business.`

Key Features

  • Only Lead to Close Solution
  • Easy transaction management
  • Document sharing and eSignature
  • Improved efficiency, reduced closing time


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About the Partner

EZ Coordinator is part of Sequent Systems. Sequent Systems has been in business for 10 years and is the leading provider of transaction management software to real estate developers in the US.

Sequent Systems is the leader in cloud-based real estate transaction management software applications. The company was founded in 2002 by professionals with decades of experience in the industry - people who know the importance of managing every detail perfectly when guiding a sale from the initial lead to delivering the keys on closing day. Their passion is helping brokers, agents, and transaction coordinators successfully manage the complexities of selling property by providing user-friendly, leading edge technology.



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