Send, sign and succeed with DocuSign eSignature for Workplace from Facebook

Send or Sign documents directly from Workplace from Facebook

Over the past few months, businesses have been challenged to quickly transform their interactions and processes into digitized ones. In order to navigate these new waters, organizations have been deploying new tools and applications to enable secure and seamless communication between employees. This is especially important in instances where employees may not have email accounts, access to a computer, or are working remotely. There needs to be a better way to share, electronically sign important company documents and collaborate online with other employees in the tools they already use. 

That’s why we partnered to build a new integration with Workplace from Facebook. This new integration allows customers to quickly access DocuSign eSignature within Workplace from Facebook. A DocuSign chatbot built into Workplace gives the option to enter a send or sign workflow and provide agreement notifications within DocuSign eSignature.

With this integration organizations can:

  • Seamlessly access DocuSign –  Enter DocuSign eSignature with a single click from Workplace Chat to send, track, and manage electronic agreements.
  • Do business faster –  Receive notifications when there’s an agreement you need to sign or get status of agreements that you sent for signature.
  • Simplify compliance –  Signed documents, along with a court-admissible audit trail of the transaction, are automatically archived in DocuSign.

Let’s walk through an example of a new hire in a retail organization starting his first day: 

  • HR manager, Mary, working for a retail organization, needs to share new hire paperwork that requires a signature with a new store employee, Anthony.
  • Mary directly accesses the sending workflow within Workplace Chat.
DocuSign eSignature for Workplace by Facebook
  • Mary uses templates to quickly create and send a set of new hire documents for signature.
DocuSign eSignature for Workplace by Facebook
  • Anthony is then notified via the chatbot that he needs to review and sign his new hire paperwork.
DocuSign eSignature for Workplace by Facebook
  • Anthony is taken to DocuSign eSignature and signs the agreements.
  • Mary automatically receives a notification when the agreements have been signed.


Right now, it’s critical to make it even easier to get work done across dispersed teams. Together, DocuSign eSignature and Workplace from Facebook are enabling individuals and teams across the globe to seamlessly send, sign and track important documents, regardless of where or how they work. 

This exciting integration is now globally available on the Workplace from Facebook integrations directory.

Check out the guide to learn more and get started.