Join DocuSign Canada February 9 for its Digital Day

A series of 5 webinars to keep your business moving forward

DocuSign Digital Day

DocuSign Canada is hosting its first Digital Day webinar series of 2021 to help organizations across the country understand how to address questions and challenges around digitization to keep business moving forward. From driving digital transformation to hiring remotely, these five sessions will show you how your business can navigate the obstacles of a remote world r and position yourself for continued success.

Join us February 9th for one or several sessions:

From eSignature to Digital Transformation: How Canadian Companies Pilot Change 

Digital transactions are a business imperative and have proven how crucial they are in times of crisis. Too many Canadian organizations realize they are behind and need to accelerate their digital agendas. 66% of organizations say limited budgets and 45% cite the lack of appropriate technology tools as hurdles to achieving digital transformation goals. 

DocuSign is helping more than 750,000 companies in Canada and across the globe with technologies to prepare, position and adapt to overcome challenges, thanks to digital workflows. By streamlining agreement processes, companies are addressing a large number of digitization imperatives.

Join us February 9th at 11am ET/8am PT to discover:

  • How companies use electronic signature in their digital transformation
  • Key steps for a 100% automated agreement process
  • Benefits the most innovative brands are seeing in modernizing their systems of agreement
  • How creating digital experiences benefits you and your customers
From eSignature to Digital Transformation

Power Better Employee Experience with Digitized HR Processes, from Hire to Retire

The past year has underscored the need for remote hiring solutions, but contract management for many HR teams operating remotely remains a challenge. And with so many people working from home, creating a best-in-class employee experience is becoming even tougher.

DocuSign helps more than 750,000 organizations with proven HR solutions for a distributed workforce. In this webinar, see how organizations use DocuSign Agreement Cloud for HR to keep documents organized, easily located, and fully compliant so that work location doesn’t impact your ability to hire the best talent, onboard employees with ease, and keep business moving.

Join us February 9th at 12pm ET/9am PT to discover:

  • Trends impacting HR teams of all sizes, and digital impact on employee experience
  • Benefits of integrating DocuSign with your existing HR systems, thanks to 350+ integrations with SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, Workday and much more
  • A live demo featuring the DocuSign Agreement Cloud for HR
Power Better Employee Experience


Beyond the Basics: Get the Most Out of DocuSign eSignature

Going fully digital is a strategic imperative, especially for small businesses. But many companies struggle with how to move beyond that all-important first step—electronic signatures. DocuSign eSignature helps more than 750,000 companies across the globe do just that.

With eSignature, the signing function plays a key role in linking together other important business processes. Collect payment, capture client data, trigger downline workflows, ensure regulatory compliance, and much more. 

Join us February 9th at 1pm ET/10am PT to discover:

  • An overview of DocuSign eSignature’s advanced features
  • Additional identification options for your signature steps
  • How to request payments or create advanced validation workflows without coding
Beyond Basics with eSignature

IT Leaders’ Best Practices for Digital Transformation

IT leaders are being challenged to protect company digital assets while enabling seamless remote work experiences. According to Forrester, “the number of remote workers at the end of 2021 will be 3x pre-pandemic levels”. CIOs’ roadmaps are now, more than ever, influenced by the need to adapt and create a resilient organization that can pivot quickly.

In this context, digitizing and automating agreement processes that are everywhere in the organization, from front-office to back-office, are becoming imperative.

Join us February 9th at 2pm ET/11am PT to discover:

  • Best-in-class digital transformation practices
  • How DocuSign eSignature allows more than 750,000 companies to operate securely in remote situations
  • How DocuSign helps IT leaders digitize agreements processes from preparation to signature, execution and management
  • +350 native integrations and open APIs that help create seamless digital workplaces
IT Leaders’ Best Practices

A Practical Approach to Digitize Public Sector in Canada

Over the past year, digitization has become a top priority for Canada’s public sector, from municipalities to provinces to the Federal government. Being able to operate remotely and lower reliance on in-person interactions and paper-based processes has become an imperative.

Hundreds of Canadian federal, provincial and regional agencies use DocuSign to enable constituents, businesses, partners and staff to work efficiently and effectively with secure self-service forms, electronic signatures, pre-populated agreements and automated approval processes.

Join peers and leaders in the Canadian public sector to learn how you can transform your agreement process by eliminating paper, automating workflows, and connecting existing systems within your organization.   Join us February 9th at 3pm ET/12pm PT to discover:

  • eSignature basics to power a remote workforce
  • Productivity gains by automating paper-based workflows
  • Case studies of Canadian agencies using DocuSign Agreement Cloud
A Practical Approach to Digitize Public Sector in Canada



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