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Month: April 2020

5 tips to help your team work from home

We live in an era when companies are asking more and more employees to work from home. If your boss told you tomorrow that you’d have to work remotely for the next month or more,…
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Accountants Essential for Fiscal Health

Canadian businesses and citizens rely on our accountants to keep us fiscally healthy. Among their many vital functions, they balance our books, ensure employees get paid, and keep tax dollars working. We trust accounting professionals…
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Business Continuity Matters for Canada’s Lawyers

Every business designated as an essential service must plan for business continuity in the event of a crisis. That means preparing for adverse conditions like disrupted supply chains, power outages, employee absenteeism – virtually any…
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Achieve Growth in the Life Sciences Industry

The pharmaceutical industry must manage compliance with a complex and evolving set of regulations. Life sciences companies are also facing rising commercialization costs, fierce competition, and looming patent expirations. In addition, as smaller companies look…
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